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Comfortable cooling during sleep thanks to the COOLER mattress protector

Matracový chránič COOLER



Read about the course of our cooperation, during which we selected our COOLER mattress protector with a special cooling structure for our customer. Due to its direct contact with the skin, it will adequately cool the body and certainly delight with its permanent function.




Course of cooperation

Matracový chránič COOLER

Establishing communication

Why did Bohuslav contact us? The customer longed for a comfortable sleep and the possibility of pleasant cooling, i.e., suitable conditions for his rest and sleep.
He first learned that he could use the COOLER mattress protector for this purpose from our leaflet, where he read about its features and benefits.


Matracový chránič COOLER

And the decision was made!

We have been cooperating with Mr Bohuslav for a long time. After mutual communication, during which he explained what he needed, we gave him other important information about the protector. All that he was interested in.
We subsequently agreed to provide him a physical sample to test. We then sent it for pick-up and testing. The protector passed the test perfectly and brought the customer exactly what he needed.


Matracový chránič COOLERWhy cooperate with us?

The customer praised our cooperation above all for its friendliness and the fact that everything went like clockwork.
He really appreciates that the function of the mattress protector is permanent and he can use it all the time.
At the same time, he appreciates the quick action and expertise of all our employees, and this pleases us immensely and we are really happy about the cooperation. 


References for our products are created in cooperation with customers who have purchased a product. Our clients are actively approached and a reference is created based on our communication, which is then approved by the customer and published.