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Material of the future – Graphene

12.02.2024 14:56 MEDCOVER products

Have you heard about a revolutionary material called graphene? It's remarkable that one of the world's thinnest materials could also be 200 times stronger than steel. What potential benefits could this bring to the average person?

Sleep and Temperature

31.10.2023 13:40 Facts about sleep

What is the optimal temperature for sleep? Should you keep the room cool or really heat it up and snuggle up in the duvets? The correct body temperature is one of the prerequisites for quality sleep. Why is that so? And how to achieve it without fans and air conditioners?

Case study - Magnerest

30.10.2023 11:14 Studies

The aim of this experiment was to observe variations in the quality of sleep and the physical condition of the subject. The primary objectives of the monitoring included assessing changes in the cervical spine and determining the average duration of deep sleep.

Medcover anatomical pillow

30.10.2023 10:09 MEDCOVER products

Cervical spine issues, frequent migraines, shoulder pain and similar health concerns are becoming increasingly common in society. This can be attributed to various factors, including stress, poor and insufficient sleep to sedentary lifestyle, and lack of exercise. How can we help our body deal with it?

Difference in REM and NREM sleep stage

30.10.2023 08:40 Facts about sleep

What do dreams mean? Why is sleep important and how are the individual processes that take place in our body related to each other? Can the long-term absence of one of the sleeps permanently damage the organism? You will find the answers in this article.

What are the benefits of MEDCOVER sewn medical covers?

30.10.2023 07:46 MEDCOVER products

What exactly is a "medical mattress cover"? It is specialized textile product available in different variations on our online store, It is made of polyester and polyurethane layer and it comes with various surface treatments.

Designed to fit precisely to the dimensions of the mattress, the cover features an L-shaped zip for easy application. It provides protection not only for the top panel but also for the sides and bottom, which is highly desirable in many situations due to the risk of contamination. This is just one example of what the protector can do. What other benefits does it offer?

Covers for Pensions & Hotels

20.10.2023 10:14 MEDCOVER products

If you manage a pension, hotel, hostel, or any other social facility, you likely encounter the task of cleaning and maintaining sleeping areas regularly. Cleanliness and ensuring a good night's sleep are always top priorities for guests.  Guests will appreciate knowing that washable mattress covers are used on the beds,. Keep reading to discover how they can also make your job easier in several ways.