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Cooler pillow

Detailed Description

The COOLER pillow cover will cool you down thanks to its special structure.

Thanks to the special structure and the very small dimensions of the used fibers, the COOLER pillow has excellent thermoregulatory properties. It conducts heat well and thus induces a feeling of coolness. Skin tests show that COOLER keeps skin temperature 1.3 degrees Celsius lower compared to fabric made from other types of fibers.

This temperature is important for quality rest, if you are a warm-blooded sleeper, you will certainly welcome sleep undisturbed by the feeling of overheating. The pillow helps to prevent excessive sweating and thus prolongs the length of sleep on summer days, which is often disrupted by high temperatures.

The ability to cool is permanent, you can wash the pillow in a conventional washing machine and its effect will still be the same.

The following types of product are available:

€ 37
€ 37
€ 30.58 without VAT
In stock

  • Cool feeling
    Cool feeling
  • High heat absorption
    High heat absorption
  • Improves sleep quality
    Improves sleep quality
  • Cools you down to the temperature good for falling asleep
    Cools you down to the temperature good for falling asleep
  • Permanent feature
    Permanent feature

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