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Graphene pillow

Detailed Description

Graphene’s feature of being such a good conductor makes it possible to get rid of static electricity and the tension related to this. The antistatic effect alone, out of all the other features of Graphene, protects our bodies against the electrical build up that can have a negative impact on our bodies during sleep. Plus the strong bonds that Graphene achieves make fabric last longer.

The following types of product are available:

€ 25
€ 20.66 without VAT
In stock

  •  Helps reduce cortisol (stress hormone)
    Helps reduce cortisol (stress hormone)
  • Eliminates static electricity
    Eliminates static electricity
  • A unique form of carbon
    A unique form of carbon
  • The material of the future
    The material of the future
  • Permanent feature
    Permanent feature

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