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The COOLER mattress protector is a great choice. Especially during the summer months

Matracový chránič COOLER

Read about the experience of our next customer František, who was impressed by our COOLER mattress protector at the fair.

The mattress protector has excellent thermoregulatory features and conducts heat very well, thanks to which you can enjoy a very pleasant cooling effect




Course of cooperation

Nepropustná chránič matrace COOLER

Heat that can torment

Our customer František was suffering from uncomfortable and intense heat during his sleep. This is especially true in the summer months, when temperatures can reach ‘tropical’ values.

The uncomfortable sleep was not pleasant at all, so František was looking for what he could do to ensure that his sleep was of good quality. It was a good thing that he visited the fair and was interested in our stand, where we presented the specified COOLER mattress protector and began talking with each other.


Chránič matrace COOLER MedcoverWhen there is nothing to wait for!

The presentation of the mattress protector appealed to František so much that he wished to try it out immediately. After learning all the necessary information and measuring the mattress, he ordered the mattress protector from the comfort of his own home.
The mattress protector arrived to František carefully packed within a few days. It was then just a matter of putting the protector to the test to see if it was really the right choice. And how did it turn out?



Chladivý matracový chránič COOLER MedcoverWhen the dream of comfortable sleep becomes a reality

The test of the protector was excellent. Everything worked perfectly and without problem. Thanks to the protector that perfectly regulates temperature, František is not troubled by unpleasant sensations of heat, sleeps comfortably at night and gets up each day with new energy.
He is most pleased that the COOLER mattress protector works 100%, something he is really satisfied with. He also appreciates the communication and our overall course of cooperation. He definitely recommends the mattress protector, especially for the summer months. 

References for our products are created in cooperation with customers who have purchased a product. Our clients are actively approached and a reference is created based on our communication, which is then approved by the customer and published.