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Umorfil pillow

Detailed Description

The material comes from Taiwan and is a natural polymer that is created by combining collagen from fish scales and cellulose. The technology is environmentally friendly and the resulting fiber raw material is biodegradable. The collagen component comes from unused fish scales, helping to reduce potential waste.

The fiber is highly hygienic and meets all skin-friendly tests. In addition, it provides hydration and nourishes the skin during the entire eight hours of sleep. Its other excellent property is the absorption of odors. Clean and washed bedding will smell much longer.

Proper sleep is essential for healthy skin, and in combination with UMORFIL fibers, your skin receives double regeneration.

The following types of product are available:

€ 25
€ 20.66 without VAT
In stock

  • Skin friendly
    Skin friendly
  • Thermoregulatory properties
    Thermoregulatory properties
  •  Friendly to nature
    Friendly to nature
  • Nourishes the skin during sleep
    Nourishes the skin during sleep
  • Controlled moisture absorption
    Controlled moisture absorption
  • Permanent feature
    Permanent feature

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