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Wake up in the morning full of energy thanks to the Magnerest mattress protector

Matracový chránič MagnerestRead about the process of our cooperation. During this process, together with our customer František, we selected our Magnerest mattress protector with innovative technology that promotes blood circulation. Thanks to this, the cells are better oxygenated, the body gets all the necessary nutrients and is able to regenerate perfectly.



Course of cooperation

Matracový chránič Magnerest

Uncomfortable sleep and pain that can torment

Why did František contact us? František was suffering from neck muscle pain and uncomfortable sleep, during which he often woke up, and in the morning he got up unrefreshed and without energy.
Based on a recommendation of a friend and good previous experience with our products, František decided to try the Magnerest mattress protector.




Matracový chránič MagnerestAnd the decision was made!

We answered all of František's questions via e-mail. He immediately ordered the protector from the comfort of his home. It arrived at his home just a few days later.
Right after his first sleep, František felt the effects. Not only did his cervical spine pain subside, he also experienced great improvement in his sleep cycle. After about two weeks, František's sleep was already better. Deep sleep, which had previously been deeply divided, became uninterrupted


Matracový chránič Magnerest

What does František appreciate about our cooperation?

František also got rid of his interrupted sleep and sees waking up in the morning as the greatest benefit. He used to wake up tired for the day. And now? Today he gets up full of energy.
At the same time he appreciates our openness, because he was able to see the sleep studies that we put our Magnerest mattress protector through.The results of the studies convinced him, along with his own experience, that the protector really works.



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