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Covers for Pensions & Hotels

20.10.2023 10:14 MEDCOVER products

reading: 5 min

The impemeable cover

The MEDCOVER cover is impermeable preventing the need for purchasing a new mattress in case of fluid contamination Prices for mattresses and professional cleaning services for stains and other contaminants are not typically low. By utilizing a impermeable cover, you can mitigate this risk and reduce the expenses associated with maintaining cleanliness on your premises.

The cover's antibacterial surface can be cleaned with various products, including those with alcohol-based formulations (a detailed list can be provided upon request). These features are all positive attributes that any guest who prioritizes cleanliness will appreciate.

Long service life

Mattresses are a significant investment, and while they do require periodic replacement, using a protective cover can significantly prolong their lifespan. By shielding the mattress from abrasion, reducing the need for invasive cleaning, and preventing direct contact with human sweat—thus avoiding unsightly stains—the cover plays a crucial role. Designed to withstand high mechanical stress, it's even utilized in the busiest hospital environments to mitigate rapid wear and tear.

Additionally, the cover's surface boasts antibacterial properties and is non-flammable. It has passed the CRIB 5 flame retardant test, which is an internationally recognized standard for fire resistance. Hotel textiles are required to meet specific standards, with CRIB 5 providing ample flame retardancy.

Easy maintenance of the cover

Maintenance and replacement of the covers are straightforward tasks. They can be disinfected and washed at temperatures up to 90°C to effectively kill bed mites, bacteria, and viruses. We recommend washing or disinfecting the covers after each guest's check out. Care instructions are conveniently printed directly on each cover for easy reference by staff, eliminating the need for instruction manuals.

If you use dry cleaning or bulk laundry services, you have the option to customize your covers with your facility's logo or name, deterring theft or accidental mix-ups with other facilities.


MEDCOVER covers health-safe products, ensuring uninterrupted sleep with their quiet, breathable, and pleasant-to-the-touch surface. Our range includes covers in various colours and sizes, catering to single beds, double beds, and cots.

For wholesale inquiries, please reach out to us here.