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Medcover anatomical pillow

30.10.2023 10:09 MEDCOVER products

reading: 4 minutes

Why Choose an Anatomical Pillow?

Cervical spine issues, frequent migraines, shoulder pain and similar health concerns are becoming increasingly common in society. This can be attributed to various factors, including stress, poor and insufficient sleep to sedentary lifestyle, and lack of exercise. Each day, we have the opportunity to allow our bodies to rest and alleviate pain for at least 7 hours.  During this period, it's essential to take steps to support your body effectively and create optimal conditions for full recovery.


How to do it?

The MEDCOVER Pillow features polyurethane visco memory foam known for its ability to adapt to the shape of human body. Responding to heat and pressure, it changes its firmness to create a custom anatomical pillow. Its uniquely contoured shape offers excellent support for the shoulders, neck, and head. After each use, it effortlessly returns to its original shape, waiting to be used again. This means that the pillow can adapt to your individual needs with every movement.

The pillow makes an excellent aid for cervical spine problems, complementing rehabilitation efforts, and acting as a preventive measure against issues like tense neck muscles, poor posture, and other problems.


What other benefits does it offer?

The pillow features regular perforations at its centre, ensuring good breathability. This ventilation method effectively eliminates dust mites, dust, and excess moisture retention that can lead to overheating. For this reason, this health-safe product is suitable for allergy and asthma sufferers, offering high hygiene standards.

The anatomical pillow is exclusively sold in combination with one of the covers, with each complementing the other's functions. You can choose from four models to get a useful medical product customized to meet your specific needs.

Pair it with the UMORFIL cover to get an anatomical pillow with a cover made of fibers with a high collagen content. This combination offers relief to the cervical spine while nourishing the skin during sleep.

The MAGNEREST cover with an anatomical core is a perfect choice for athletes, people experiencing sleep-related issues, students, or people dealing with chronic stress.

Both products hold the Czech Product trademark.