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Sewn mattress cover

Detailed Description

The MEDCOVER mattress cover provides comfort not only for the patient but also for the caregiver.

The combination of polyester fibers and polyurethan coat gives a lot of functional features.

The cover passed all of the necessary laboratory tests and is therefore safe to wash at 95°C, withstands up to 50 washing cycles and is breathable and impermeable at the same time.

The surface of the cover is equipped with a non-flammable treatment that meets the parameter for the class CRIB5 and can be disinfected with various types of detergents, including alcohol based desinfections.

Mattress cover complies all of the standards required for use in the healthcare sector and is provided with all certificates.

The cover is equipped with an L-shaped zipper secured by a drip.

The following types of product are available:

€ 52
€ 42.28 without VAT
In stock

Package contents

The color, size and print can be changed individually. For more information write to us at

The cover is both breathable and impermeable
The cover is both breathable and impermeable
Antibacterial surface
Antibacterial surface
Can be washed at 95°C
Can be washed at 95°C
Can be disinfected with all types of disinfection
Can be disinfected with all types of disinfection

Specification points

Certificates material

  • Non-flammability CRIB 5
  • OEKO-TEKS standard 100
  • Antibacterial test
  • Health harmlesness
  • ISO 10993

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