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The MEDCOVER sewn cover helps the whole family in caring for their son

Learn about the experience of our next customer, Daniela, who is helped in the home care of her disabled son by our practical sewn cover. Impermeable sewn covers provide comfort and convenience in the care of others, both for the bedridden and for those who care for them. And what exactly does Daniela and her family like about the sewn cover?


The course of cooperation


Šitý potah MEDCOVER

Every minute counts...

Daniela was always thinking about how to provide the most comfortable place for her son, who is unable to move and sit up on his own, to rest and sleep, as the cot is a place where her son spends a lot of time.
However, at the same time she wished that the bed in which her son would be comfortable could be easily made and quickly maintained. In short, something durable, because their everyday life is full of minor and major accidents.



Šitý potah MEDCOVERGetting a sewn cover is so easy

Daniela learned about the practical MEDCOVER sewn cover from a sister who was impressed by its properties. She immediately thought something like this would be perfect for her teenage nephew.
Daniela had no idea that it was possible to get such a sewn cover for home care. She was also worried by the fact that the mattress, on which her son rests and sleeps, has non-standard dimensions. She did not think she could get a cover for that special mattress. However, we immediately offered the customer the possibility of individual production of a sewn cover with the exact dimensions she needed.


Šitý potah MEDCOVER


A sewn cover that makes daily care easier for the family

After our agreement, we started the production and then we sent the finished cover directly to the customer's home. She was very pleasantly surprised by the speed of the whole realisation. Even though the mattress is subjected to a lot of daily stress, it really can withstand a lot. The mattress is still protected. The cover is impermeable, plus various accidents can be removed with cleaning agents.
The cover was made with atypical dimensions, and it fits the mattress perfectly. The customer also appreciates the cover’s easy handling and the fact that it is very easy to put it on the bed. Even her daughter can handle everything. The mattress is very well maintained overall. The family not only saves the mattress and finances, but above all, precious time. The fact that my son does not sweat on the mattress even during hot summer days was a great and pleasant surprise.


And what does our customer Daniela have to say about the cooperation?

“The MEDCOVER sewn cover can make our care more comfortable. Your products are meaningful and helpful on many levels and in numerous ways. Thanks to MEDCOVER, we have gained something totally invaluable – comfort for our son and extra time for us all. The sewn cover is really great, and we can only recommend it. It helps us a lot in the care of our son, and we hope that as many people as possible will learn about the possibility of purchasing a home cover for home care, which could also help them.”



Our product references are created in cooperation with customers who use our products. Our clients are actively approached and a reference is created based on our communication, which is then approved by the customer and published.