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Detailed Description

Magnerest technology can increase the production of melatonin thanks to magnetic fields and provides your body with magnetic therapy during sleep.

The magnetic field of the human body is created by the movement of bioelectric charges. Their effect decreases with the overuse of today's devices, such as smartphones, watches, computers or televisions.

One of the best-known researches in this area is a study conducted by the Japanese doctor prof. Dr. Nakagawa. Nakagawa's study concluded that many health problems can be caused by the weakening state of the magnetic field surrounding the human body.

Linus C. Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes, also proved that the hemoglobin in our blood has magnetic properties. Due to this, the speed of blood circulation increases due to the effects of the magnetic field. This ensures a faster transport of oxygen and nutrients to the cell structures.

The positive effects of the MAGNEREST mattress protector have been tested in external laboratories. The results show that the mattress protector improves sleep quality by creating a safe magnetic

The following types of product are available:

Mattress height
€ 75
€ 61.98 without VAT
In stock

  • Helps relax muscles and relieves joint pain
    Helps relax muscles and relieves joint pain
  • Alternative therapeutic method
    Alternative therapeutic method
  • Increases the hormone melatonin (sleep hormone)
    Increases the hormone melatonin (sleep hormone)
  • Helps extend the time of deep sleep
    Helps extend the time of deep sleep
  • It shortens the time to fall asleep
    It shortens the time to fall asleep
  • Permanent feature
    Permanent feature

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