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Mattress protectors

Mattress protectors

Innovative impermeable mattress protectors with function are one of the news of the textile market. They are combining the practical side of matress protector and the possibilities of today's modern technology in the textile industry. The difference between a cover and a protector is simple.
The mattress cover is an integral part, it holds the mattress together and protects it over the entire surface. On the contrary, the protector is primarily intended to prevent rapid wear of the cover and to extend the life of the mattress itself. You can also easily wash the protector at any time.

Each MEDCOVER has two sides.

The bottom one consists of an impermeable polyurethane membrane. The top layer is then different for each of the concepts. Unlike regular protectors, they have added value in the form of modifying their structure. It can be a modification of the yarn or the use of modified fibers.

The choice of the ideal one is up to you. If you are mainly looking for stress relief during sleep, MAGNEREST is right here for you.
Do you need a lower temperature than your partner to fall asleep? You can put the COOLER mattress protector only on your side of the bed and you've won.

Cooler 1


Thanks to its special structure, the COOLER mattress protector will cool you down.


Graphene 1


The anti-static effect of the carbon particles protects your body against the build-up of static electricity and tension that can have a negative impact on sleep.


Collagen 1


UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber® is a combination of collagen from fish scales and cellulose. It provides excellent hydration and nourishes the skin.


Magnerest 1


MAGNEREST technology can increase the production of melatonin thanks to magnetic fields and provides your body with magnetic therapy during sleep.