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Case study - Magnerest

30.10.2023 11:14 Studies

Reading: 8 minutes


The aim of this experiment was to observe variations in the quality of sleep and the physical condition of the subject. The primary objectives of the monitoring included assessing changes in the cervical spine and determining the average duration of deep sleep.

sex: male
age: 20 years
chronic diseases: not reported
medication: neg.
Allergies neg.

Current physical condition:
The subject reports the following issues: difficulty sleeping, cervical spine blockage, lumbar spine pain, poor sleep quality and daytime fatigue

Measuring equipment:
The data used was taken by Apple Watch Ultra, serial number: D2D42YP93M

Time frame:
The study commenced on 27/2/2023 and concluded on 31/8/2023. The data were being collected for six months.
Initial data (A) from 27/2/2023 to 01/04/023 were measured with the subject sleeping without the Magnerest mattress protector. Data (B) from 2/4/2023 to 31/8/2023 were measured with the subject sleeping on the Magnerest mattress protector.

A) 27/2/2023 - 1/4/2023


B) 2/4/2023 - 31/8/2023

Data A
Data A indicates poor sleep quality, characterized by wakefulness predominating until approximately 1 am, followed by an irregular alternation between sleep stages.
The most frequent ratio observed was 1 hour and 31 minutes of wakefulness, 47 minutes of REM sleep, 4 hours and 45 minutes of light sleep, and 11 minutes of NREM sleep. The subject experiences prolonged sleepiness upon waking, which often persists throughout the day.
Data B
On the other hand, Data B suggests an improvement in sleep quality, with wakefulness minimized. Light sleep predominates, and the stages alternate at longer intervals. Additionally, there was a complete resolution of cervical and lumbar spine related pain during this period. The subject reported a significant reduction in daytime fatigue over time and experienced an unexpected improvement in cognitive functions. As a student, he observed enhancements in memory retention and the ability to learn new information within a short timeframe.
The most frequent stage ratio observed was 2 minutes of wakefulness, 1 hour and 6 minutes of REM sleep, 4 hours and 1 minute of light sleep, and 1 hour and 21 minutes of NREM sleep.
In conclusion, the subject reported a significant improvement in insomnia and daytime fatigue with the use of the Magnerest mattress protector. Furthermore, all pain that had been present since the beginning of the study was alleviated. The functions claimed by the manufacturer have been validated by this study.
o This product is recommended as a complementary aid for rehabilitation
o For people with musculoskeletal disorders
o For people experiencing headaches, insomnia and sleep quality problems