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What are the benefits of MEDCOVER sewn medical covers?

30.10.2023 07:46 MEDCOVER products

reading: 7 minutes

Mattress Protection

The first function we highlighted was the protective one. Medical mattresses come with a significant price tag. Yet, for individuals who spend extended periods in bed or are bedridden, a comfortable mattress is essential. It ensures both quality sleep and contributes significantly to their recovery process. Hence, investing in a high-quality mattress is crucial, and adding mattress protection is another wise step.

The cover is impermeable, safeguarding the mattress from liquid contamination Manufactured from durable materials, it boasts strength and resilience against rapid wear and tear, mechanical stress, and more. As a result, it provides longevity, prolonging the lifespan of the mattress.

Cleaning & Antibacterial Surface

Unlike most medical covers, MEDCOVER can also be cleaned with alcohol-based disinfectants. The cover boasts an antibacterial surface, effectively curbing the proliferation of bacteria on its surface.

When it becomes dirty, it can be washed at temperatures up to 90°C to eliminate the majority of viruses and bacteria. For any remaining contaminants, the cover is resistant to disinfectants, ensuring they won't compromise its surface. Whether mild soap and water suffice or something stronger is required, both options are fine for cleaning the cover.

Cover Quality

A key requirement for MEDCOVER production is that the entire process takes place under one roof. From crafting the polyester knitted fabric to applying the polyurethane layer, dyeing, printing, finishing, and packaging, every step is managed by a single manufacturer. As a result, the entire production remains under the control and responsibility of one company. This setup offers a distinct advantage: inquiries, special requests, the need for non-standard dimensions, or any complaints are promptly addressed without navigating through multiple manufacturers. This streamlined process ensures faster resolution. Additionally, production complications are minimized, reducing the occurrence of defective products destined for landfills and cutting costs associated with transporting components between various locations.

Home Care Assistant

In case of an unforeseen accident leading to someone in the household becoming bedridden and the financial constraints preventing the purchase of a full medical mattress, a mattress cover can offer a solution. Especially if your current mattress is suitable, there’s no need for replacement, and the cover can provide protection during the period of increased stress.


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